2015 maggio

IP REPORT_May 2015

3D printing and intellectual property – legal approach to technical revolution
Italy Studio IP Law Galli, Milan Brescia Parma Verona


IP lawyers are facing problems and opportunities linked to the increasing popularity of three dimensional (3D) printing technology in Italy, especially its key features of being able to be implemented at a low cost and through simple means. These two features lend this new technology to being diffused widely, potentially also for private customers. Diffusion among private clients has already started. In this respect, 3D printing has many points of contact with the infinite possibilities of virtual reproduction […]

Nutrire il mondo, tutelare la qualità

Organizzato da: AIPPI

Milano, 20-21 maggio 2015
Sala Biagi
Palazzo Lombardia, Milano

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IP Café on IP Specialised Courts

Organizzato da: IP KEY

14 maggio 2015
Guangzhou (P.R.C.)

Follow up Peer to Peer Exchange on the Reform of the PRC Patent Law

Organizzato da: IP KEY

12 e 13 maggio 2015
Zhaoqing (P.R.C.)

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