IP REPORT_March 2015

Courts reaffirm construction of design protection rules that is fully in line with EU law

On February 2 2015 the Specialised IP Division of the Court of Milan issued a very important decision concerning the infringement of the copyright held by Flou in the shape of its well-known ‘Nathalie’ bed, designed by Vico Magistretti. The court ordered a number of important Italian furniture manufacturers to pay Flou compensation for damages and disgorge the profits accrued through the production and marketing of ‘Nathalie’ copycats.

Similarly, two recent rulings of the Specialised IP Division of the Court of Brescia […]


Il Convegno si propone di approfondire le tematiche della valutazione e della valorizzazione del portafoglio IP nell’ambito di trattative e ai fini fiscali.

Organizzato da: AICIPI

Milano, 13 marzo 2015
Auditorium San Paolo
Milano, Via Giotto n. 36

Dettagli Programma

IP Report_February 2015

Most recent developments in Italian protection of design and shape trademarks

Contrary to common belief, the Italian legislative instruments against IP infringement are quite efficient: in 2003 specialised IP divisions were set up in 12 existing courts, and in September 2012 this was increased to 21. Moreover, since 2014 cases involving foreign companies have been concentrated in nine of these courts (Milan, Turin, Venice, Genoa, Rome, Naples, Bari, Cagliari and Catania). These divisions have exclusive competence to decide civil actions relating to trademarks, patents, copyright and unfair competition.

The high level of efficiency of the civil courts is […]

IP Report_December 2014

Court of Rome brings Italian case law on distinctiveness into line with that of ECJ

The Specialised IP Division of the Court of Rome has issued an important decision on the issue of distinctiveness.

On July 21 2014 the court upheld a previous decision issued on March 4 2014 in urgency proceedings brought by a Perugia-based fashion company (Emerald srl) and its chief executive officer against the Italian Rugby Federation and an advertisement agency (Red Hot Fashion srl). The court held that the trademark for which Emerald sought protection – against an advertising campaign spread mainly through Twitter […]

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